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At the outbreak of the Belgian revolution in 1830, our ancestors took with them on their flight from Ghent (in the Flemish part of Belgium) to Vlissingen (in the Netherlands) the game we call "The Grey Horse" (Het Schimmelspel) apparently as a game for ther children.

According to notebooks kept since then, The Grey Horse game has been played in our family for more than 100 years -- probably longer, in fact. Since 1885 it has only been played in the family on New Year's Eve.

In spite of very careful and detailed searches through the different toy museums and libraries throughout Holland and Belgium, no complete and similar game has been found.

The Grey Horse is a round game, similar to the round game "Clock and Hammer," which is still a well-known game in Western Europe, including England, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. There are significant differences between Clock and Hammer and The Grey Horse - whereas The Grey Horse game has 15 dice and 9 picture cards, Clock and Hammer has 8 dice and 5 picture cards.