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                                                                                                              The game is played with 7 to 12 people. In our family tradition, members have to be 12 or older to be allowed to play. The reason: "otherwise your hands are too small to hold all 15 dice!"

One person is the Bank. At the beginning, everybody gets a certain amount of selfmade money and checks of bone.

The cards are sold by bidding in a special order. The money paid for them is put in the bank.

The person who bought the card with the grey horse starts the game by throwing the 15 dice on a small wooden tray, and everyone takes turns after them.

When a player rolls only numbers, the Bank will pay out that amount "private," but when one rolls numbers and one of the three symbols, the Bank pays the card showing that symbol. For example, when the roll is of numbers totaling 15, plus a glass, the person who has the card with the glass gets 15 "for the cards" and not "private" 15. Thus, each player must keep two separate piles of cash.

Eventually the Bank starts to lose money, and only the person holding the Bank knows how much money there is still left in it. He keeps that as a secret.

Let us say that in the end there are 7 checks left in the Bank when someone rolls 15, so that the Bank cannot pay this person. "The house starts to run" From this point, not the bank is paying but the players, have to pay the House. To start with, the person whom the Bank couldn't pay has to pay the House 15 checks from his "private" stash.

When a player also rolls a symbol along with the numbers, then the card for that symbol has to pay the House. Again, everybody takes turns, which will end when one rolls 7 -- the amount left in the Bank.

A throw with neither numbers or symbols (a complete blank) is called "a Grey Horse" and the person holding the Grey Horse card receives just one check, by our tradition a red or a white one. The rarest throw is all 3 symbols together, which occurs perhaps once a game.